LOOK OUT: 8-Year-Old Girl Operates Heavy Equipment! [WATCH] – 3%

LOOK OUT: 8-Year-Old Girl Operates Heavy Equipment! [WATCH]

An 8-year-old went viral after a video of her operating a backhoe circulated around the Internet! The video was posted by the Facebook page “The Igorot” with the caption ‘8yr old Backhoe operator, Ifugao girl…Video by Inabiohan Lrose”


According to her parents, Aubrey has an odd delight for heavy equipment and likes playing with it. Her mother, Ligaya Rose, noted how she refuses to play with dolls and likes boys’ toys instead. This might be because of his father, Kim, who works in construction. According to him, Aubrey rides a bicycle just to go to the site after school.

Aubrey shared that she dreams to be a successful engineer someday. Many netizens noted that with her fondness of the heavy equipment, she is definitely going to be a successful one in the future.


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