Man Gets Held Up In Court, Races Back To Car To Find Unexpected Note On Windshield [PHOTO]

The world may seem more divided than ever, but there are a few things which are guaranteed to unite humanity. One is a strong dislike of traffic wardens.

Although they’re just doing their job and trying to control traffic, one parking violation at a time, people seem to just love to hate them. So much so, some people will even stick their neck out for a total stranger and help them avoid getting a fine or parking ticket.

Also known as a ‘random act of kindness’.

One driver found themselves the recipient of such a gesture after being held up in court and returned to their car to find this:

Court took a little longer than expected, came back to this on my windshield

The owner of the car posted a photo of the note on Imgur , which reads:

“You were getting a parking ticket and I beat the meter maid [traffic warden] and put 50 cents in your meter. He was P*****!

“God bless you, pass it on!”

As it happens, what the anonymous Good Samaritan did may have been illegal here in the US.

Feeding a meter is against the law if the vehicle parked has already exceeded the maximum allowed time.

That said, the note and gesture is quite sweet.

Unless, of course, the owner of the car was in court for a parking violation (or worse), because that would change everything.

Source: MIRROR

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