McDonald's Twitter Account Hacked? That's Their Claim After THIS Tweet About Trump Is Posted [PHOTOS]
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McDonald’s Twitter Account Hacked? That’s Their Claim After THIS Tweet About Trump Is Posted [PHOTOS]

McDonald’s is dealing with some major damage control after the mega-corporation tweeted some not so flattering remarks about President Trump. They tweeted about Trump by saying he is “a disgusting excuse for a President.” McDonald’s generally stays out of political talk which is why some people believe the company when it followed up with a second tweet claiming their account had been compromised.

The tweet was even pinned briefly to the top of their corporate account’s Twitter page before being deleted.

So why such a controversial tweet from a normally politics-shy corporation? McDonald’s tweeted out an explanation Thursday morning, saying their account had been compromised, and that they were investigating the breach.

The company’s executive vice president and global chief communications officer, Robert Gibbs, served as press secretary under Obama.

Source: Fox Carolina

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