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Meet The Internets Newest ‘Challenge’

It seems like everyday we see a new “challenge” on the internet. Most internet challenges are funny, oftentimes come from movie ideas or other famous people push the challenge to more of an audience. Recently a challenge where people each fill their mouth with water, and try to make each other laugh to spit the water out has become popular on the internet. In the video below, you get to see exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s pretty gross to think about people putting water in their mouths and spitting it out into your face for fun, but I guess it can be pretty funny too. Not exactly my idea of a way to spend my time, but hey to each their own!

People will compete in just about any challenge these days.

These four couples decided to compete in the “water challenge,” and it was essentially a disaster.

The concept behind the game is simple. Each contestant sips a mouthful of water, and they try to make each other laugh. Whoever spits the water out loses.

At first, the couples both have water in their mouths at the same time and as they laugh, they spit the water onto their partners. Next, one couple has to held the water while the other does crazy acts to get them to laugh. And then they switch.

It was messy. It was gross. But mostly, it was funny.

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