MONSTER: Man Stabs Step-daughter Then Sets her On Fire For One VERY Small Reason [WATCH]

A man allegedly sat on his stepdaughter’s chest and stabbed her before pouring vodka on her and setting the five-year-old alight after she asked for a snack. Thomas McClellan, 25, is said to have snapped when stepdaughter Luna Younger refused to leave his room and kept asking for food.

Reports said that he told investigators that he wrestled the girl to the ground, stab on her hips and stabbed her multiple times.


He then put her body in a blanket, poured vodka on it and set it on fire in the bedroom.

His wife, Victoria McClellan, was at work at the time.

Delhi Township firefighter Corey Drolett said he attended the scene and found Luna’s body.

“I knew the victim had expired,” he said in testimony.

However he handed the girl through a window and asked firefighters to perform CPR.

“(I) felt that would show (the mother) that we were attempting some effort,” Drolett said.

McClellan admitted the crime to police about four hours after the fire call.

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