Pokemon Player Faces Up To 7yrs In Jail After Playing In Church [WATCH] – 3%

Pokemon Player Faces Up To 7yrs In Jail After Playing In Church [WATCH]

Ruslan Sokolovsky, 22, faces up to seven years in prison over the YouTube video of him zapping Pokemon on a smartphone in a Russian Orthodox church in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg.

The video which Sokolovsky posted in August 2016 has been viewed more than 1.6 million times on YouTube.

I didn’t aim to offend anyone,” Sokolovsky said in court in a video broadcast by Life News, adding that he was ready to apologise if anyone was offended.

He said he created the videos “with critical and polemical aims”, describing himself as an atheist.

I didn’t ask these people to watch my video clips” Sokolovsky told journalists.

Who is the Russian Orthodox Church that I have to publicly repent in front of them?

Sokolovsky spent several months in prison ahead of the trial, though he is now under house arrest. Amnesty International has condemned the charges against him as “farcical” and called him a prisoner of conscience.

He also faces a separate charge of illegally possessing a “spy pen” with a recording function, which was found in a search of his flat. In court, he said that the pen is widely available to buy and unsuitable for covert recording.


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