REPORT: Trump Weighing Legal Options Against MSNBC and Reporter David Johnston

MSNBC may have a legal battle on their hands if there is any truth to reports that President Trump is considering taking action against the broadcast company after they illegally obtained partial records of his 2005 tax forms.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

As reported earlier Rachel Maddow stepped on a rake earlier this week by releasing Trump’s 1040 tax return form from 2005.

Rachel’s attempted hit piece enlightened the country that President Trump paid millions in taxes; he paid a higher tax rate than Socialists Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.

The Hill, which is no friend of President Trump, reported last night that what Rachel did may be illegal –  “Disclosing a taxpayer’s information without consent IS ILLEGAL.”

Now this…
Donald Trump’s private legal team is weighing a case against MSNBC and reporter David Johnston who fed the documents to Rachel Maddow.

Via Charles Gasparino and FOX Business Network:

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