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Trucker Stuck On Icy Hwy For Over 1 Day, Until Horseback Savior Brought Food and Hot Coffee

A Manitoba teen saved the day for a truck driver on highway 10 south of Brandon in Winnipeg.

Eileen Eagle Bears, 18, saw the image of a stranded trucker in the snow captured by Manitoba 511 highway cameras. Bears instantly knew what to do. She got on her horse and rode four kilometers (2.5 miles) each way up and down hills in icy conditions to deliver a thermos of hot coffee to Peter Douglas that morning on Tuesday, March 7th.


“I just thought I should do something,” she said. “I made up a thermos of coffee and took it to him on horseback.”

Douglas was on his way to Brandon from Boissevain Monday afternoon around 4pm when he got stuck in his semi on highway 10 in the Souris Valley.

“The Souris Valley was one sheet of ice and I couldn’t pull the whole thing,” Douglas said. “I was trapped. With all my brakes on, I still started sliding backwards.”

Fortunately, Douglas’ truck was parked in view of one of the province’s highway cameras and he knew his family and boss were aware of his location. He ended up sleeping in his truck on Monday night and when he woke up the next morning, Bears had arrived with food and coffee.


“Lo and behold, first thing in the morning, I look out my window and there was a horse and a young lady by the name of Eileen Eagle Bears,” Douglas said. “She brought me coffee. She had to walk that horse half a mile up that hill and half a mile down because it was so icy. Blew me away,” Douglas said. “She said she saw me on the camera. Her and her family were watching.”

But Bears didn’t stop at that. She actually came back a second time with water and a thermos of stew and potatoes.


After spending about 28 hours stranded on highway 10, Douglas finally got his truck towed and made his way to Brandon.

Douglas did expect help at some point during his wait, but he definitely didn’t expect his help to arrive on horseback!

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