You Won’t Believe How This Father Punished His 16year Old Daughter When He Found Out She Was Sexually Active [WATCH]

Scott Rodney Robinson was sentenced this week to 30 years in prison after being convicted of forcing his 16-year-old daughter into prostitution.

Robinson’s daughter told the authorities that her father forced her into prostitution as a vile punishment when he found out she was sexually active at 16 years old. He told her that if she was going to act like a prostitute she “might as well be one“.

The 49 year old forced his daughter to service truck drivers who had parked at area truck stops where the girl testified that she had multiple customers nightly. Robinson forced her to give him the cash she earned. Robinson allegedly began advertising her and posting pictures of her in suggestive poses.

Robinson was arrested in 2015 when an undercover investigation carried out by the Houston Child Exploitation Task Force discovered his activities and is now convicted of aggravated compelling of prostitution, a first-degree felony.


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