Armed With Only An iPhone Flashlight Teen Heroically Saves Young Girl From Burning Home




A teen kicked down a door and fought through smoke and heat saved a little girl from a house fire that killed the girl’s family. He said it was the right thing to do in the right moment.

Sheldon Teague (left) and Zoya Kapadia (right)
Sheldon Teague (left) and Zoya Kapadia (right)

Sheldon Teague, 19-years old, from Brampton Ontario, Canada, said, it was around 3:30 in the morning when he heard shouting from upstairs. Then he noticed a funny smell and black smoke was coming out of the ventilation system. He went around to the front and flames had taken over the front of the house. He said “As soon as I walked outside I could see one of the bedrooms was on fire,” he recalled. “It was pretty frightening.”

Teague kicked down the front door but the smoke completely stopped him. He went outside and grabbed a friend’s phone and turned on the flashlight and went back into the house. He began shouting for those inside to walk toward his voice, then he found the little girl’s legs in the middle of the hallway.

He shouted at her to come toward him. “She started moving, but she couldn’t fully move all the way out of the house. So once I saw her legs properly I just ran in grabbed her, brought her out,” Teague said. Then a newspaper courier who happens to be in the area took the girl inside her car to stay warm.

The little girl was identified as a 9-year old, Zoya Kapadia, was rushed to Sick Kids hospital, where she was treated overnight and released Wednesday morning.

The little girl survived the fire but her parents including her teen sister died in the accident.

Teague said that he never talked to family before nor interacted with them, and he insisted that his actions were what anyone else in his position would’ve done.

“It doesn’t take a hero to rescue someone. It just takes a person doing the right thing in the right moment,” he added.



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