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Check Out The Disturbing [VIDEO] Hackers Played In Busy Train Station

An unusual incident happened at a busy train station in India on Saturday.  A pornographic video was played on the screen and later went viral on social media.

In a busy day of Rajiv Chowk metro station in central Delhi’s Connaught Place, New Delhi, India, a strange event happened. A pornographic clip was played on Saturday which the video went viral on social media afterwards.

The video showed the clip was played on the screen with commuters passing by the screen in usual hurry. Some of them stopped to record it on their mobile phones. The 25 second video widely spread on social media networks.

Delhi Metro spokesperson Anuj Dayal said in a statement, “The DMRC is not aware about this clip. However, this LED screen was under commissioning and testing by a private contractor and the same is still under commissioning. The work is still not completed”.

He said that “We will check all the details of the testing and commissioning process of the contractor to establish whether any such clip was played and take adequate safeguards and action”.

While there have been contrasting reports of the day of the incident, some claiming it happened on April 9, the DMRC official refused to clarify about that.

The incident has attracted hilarious reactions on Twitter with some targeting Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and others Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Shri Kejriwal said ‘As a IIT Engineer I can tell you 10 ways hack EVM’. He proved it by hacking Rajiv Chowk station & Played his fav video,” posted a user.

“Porn clip played on screens at Rajiv Chowk. Now if THIS doesn’t get Delhiites to use public transport, nothing will,” said another.

“The video at rajiv chowk is nothing but personification of what Modi is doing to India,” twitted a user.


A similar incident took place at a bus stand in Kerela’s Wayanad district in June 2015.

The incident made headlines in a country where talk about sex or even public displays of affection are seen by many as taboo.

Mainstream cinema is stripped of raunchiness by India’s socially-conservative censor board, which muted the word “lesbian” from a Hindi-language film.

It has also blocked the release of a toned-down version of the erotic movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” in 2015, and deemed two James Bond kissing scenes unsuitable for an Indian audience.




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