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Dad Installed Hidden Camera And BUSTED Babysitter Abusing Daughter [VIDEO]

A woman was caught on film assaulting an 18-month old girl while she babysitting the toddler. The father watched the whole video footage in horror.

A Ugandan woman identified as, Jolly Tumuhirwe, 22-years old, was caught on camera hidden by the toddler’s father. The horrifying video footage shows that the baby sitter was feeding the 18-month old, Aneela Kamanzi.

The father was shocked and horrified of the video footage, where he saw how the babysitter had been brutally beating his child.

He then reported the abuse to the police and shared the video to his family. The video footage was later shared widely online which sparked outrage on social media.

Kamanzi was also reported beating the babysitter after witnessing the video footage.

Ms Tumuhiirwe, who was not represented by a lawyer in court, now faces up to 15 years in prison for the crime or a fine of about $400 or both. According to authorities, her earlier charge of torture will be upgraded to attempted murder. But the directorate of public prosecutions was quoted in local media on Monday as saying that investigations were still on-going and the charge remained torture under the Anti-Torture Act.

Mr Kamanzi said: ‘It’s not for us to decide the punishment for what she committed’.’ We hope this has set an example for other maids out there, that you can’t just go to someone’s house and torture their baby and expect to walk out,’ he added


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