Drunken Doctor Causes MASSIVE Life Long Injuries To Baby During Birth [VIDEO] – 3%

Drunken Doctor Causes MASSIVE Life Long Injuries To Baby During Birth [VIDEO]


A mother sued a doctor for being drunk during a rough delivery that left her son disabled in Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.

The appointed doctor, Dr. Frank DeLee, the hospital’s on-call obstetrician and gynecologist at the time, was reportedly drunk during the time of the incident. Realizing he was intoxicated, Sims’ family recorded the birth on a camera phone, capturing the shocking exchange between Dr. DeLee, Sims, and the rest of the medical staff.

Dr. Frank DeLee reportedly intoxicated during delivery

Dr. Frank DeLee reportedly intoxicated during delivery

Dr. DeLee was heard telling the room how he had been drinking at ‘happy hour’ before being called in to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas to deliver the baby.

Dr. Frank DeLee was heard saying “Wasn’t that many people in the bar when I left” on cell phone video.

Then a nurse asks “I’m sorry. Did you waste a drink? The doctor then continued to tell the staff nurse that he was drinking tequila. ‘We were at Tommy Bahamas,’ he is heard telling a nurse in the clip. Asked if he had to pour out Belvedere vodka, he replied: ‘No, it was tequila’.

Sims could still remember the horrifying event during the delivery of her son Jared. “I kept telling the doctor I can feel everything,” Alex explains. “I think the epidural wore off. And he’s like, ‘Oh just scoot your fat ass down’ and ‘Oh, I bet you wish your doctor would have come back in town.'”

“It was just jaw dropping,” Alex says. “I just couldn’t fathom why all this was going on in the midst of me having a child.”

Sim’s mom stated that the doctor smelled alcohol when he arrived. “I smelled alcohol. That’s what preceded the conversation about him coming from the bar. Because I said, ‘Oh, he smells like alcohol,'” she said.

Dr. DeLee ended up causing Erb’s Palsy to the infant, which is paralysis to the arm due to nerve damaged.

“I think any person should be horrified,” says Cal Potter, the attorney who represents Sims. He also named the nurses present on the incident, adding they had a duty to stop Dr. DeLee.

According to Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners records, Dr. DeLee had a previous case in 2012 of “negligent vaginal delivery resulting in shoulder dystocia.” Dr. DeLee has another half dozen reports of possible malpractice involving insurance payouts and settlements totaling more than $2.7 million.


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