Facebook Murder Suspects ‘Last Words’ Before Turning The Gun On Himself


He died craving McNuggets.

Facebook killer Steve Stephens stopped at a McDonald’s on Buffalo Road in Erie County to order McNuggets and French fries moments before blowing himself away.

Sharp-eyed employee Henry Sayers said he recognized the hungry fugitive as he sat in his Ford Fusion to pay for his 20 pieces and large fries, reported.

Stephens “acted normal” at first, Sayers said.

By the time he pulled up to the pickup window, employees were on the phone with state police.

The fast-thinking fast-food owner tried to stall by telling the now nervous man that his order was not ready yet.

“It will be a minute for the fries,” the owner, Tom, told The Post.

But Stephens was not lovin’ it.

“No, I can’t wait!” Tom said Stephens snapped. “I need my nuggets now!”

He paid for the food, then stepped on the gas and peeled off with just the McNuggets.

Troopers were in hot pursuit seconds later and caught up with him about 2 miles away.

He then turned his gun on himself.


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