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Family Shocked After Seeing Baby Was Born With A Parasitic Twin [VIDEO]

The yet-to-be-named child, weighing just under 6lbs, was delivered naturally at a government hospital in Poshina in Gujarat western India on January 21. Parents, Sulekha Mori, 35, and her husband Pratap Mori, also 35, were shocked when their baby was born with for legs and two genetals.

The mother did not undergo sonography and was unaware of the child’s condition.

The extra pair of legs can be removed and genital be corrected in a re-constructed surgery but the parents of the baby who worked as daily wage laborers, refused the operation in fear of losing the child.

According to The Sun, Dr Kakubhai Maganbhai Dabhi, Chief Medical Officer at the hospital said that they were left shocked after the baby was born.

Parents were at first reluctant to move him to a specialist hospital for surgery, due to the high cost but surgeons at Narayana Health City Hospital in Bengaluru, India, offered to treat the baby for free, and he underwent a complex three hour operation.

A team of doctors, led by Dr Ashley D’Cruz, performed ultrasounds and x-rays to check the operation could go ahead a few days later.

The twins did not share any major organs with the parasitic twin so the operation was a success.

Proud dad of the child said that he thought the child is a punishment to his sin but God sent the doctors to fix the deformity and give his son a new life.

“There could be some minor issues as the child grows up. We have to monitor the child to ensure things are going the right way.” Dr. D’Cruz added.


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