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Father Attacks Family, In Rushes Hero Police Officer [WATCH]

A heart-stopping footage captured by the cop’s body cam as he saved a mother and her three young children from an ex-husband who was shooting a 9 mm pistol.


According to Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, Victoria Rosado, 26-years old, was inside their home with her three children ages 23 months to 7 years old. Victoria was in the process of separating from his husband Emmauel Rosado, 26-years old, when he showed up at their house in Deltona and began acting crazy.

Victoria asked him to leave but Emmanuel refused to her request. She hid in a room at the house and contacted 911.  She remained on the phone for several minutes, stating that her ex refused to leave the residence and kept attempting to break into the bedroom where she was trying to hide for him.

There was then a scream and the line went dead.

When officers arrived at they heard a male voice shouting “’“You’re going to die tonight!’”, then the officers were shot twice. Two deputies returned fire.

Deputy Justin Ferrari of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office was one of the first responders at the scene. He was wearing a body cam as he rushed up to the house he saw Victoria in the garage who was crawling out from the house with a gunshot wound at the back of her leg.

Ferrari dragged Victoria to safety into a neighbor’s home. As he makes his way around the property, the children come running out – one, sobbing tells him: “Daddy shot mummy.”

After securing the mother and the three kids, he returned back to his fellow officers as they managed to convince Emmanuel to surrender.

Victoria was airlifted to Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford for treatment. The children meanwhile seem to be doing remarkably well despite the events that occurred.

Emmanuel faces three counts of attempted first-degree murder for the shooting of his wife and for shooting at two deputies outside his home. He’s being held without bond at the Volusia County Jail in Daytona Beach.

Emmanuel broke down in tears during his first court appearance.


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