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He Met His Tinder Date And After What He Did To Her He Deleted His Account [VIDEO]

David Harlow, 38, met a woman on dating app  Tinder,  where the pair chatted for weeks before agreeing to meet at the Phoenician Resort in Phoenix on March 30, according to reports. David Harlow from Arizona  was arrested for allegedly stealing the woman’s purse during their first date and making off with her personal belongings before heading to a casino,  local officials said.

According to different online reports, during the date, the woman had got up to use the restroom and asked her newlyfound “friend” to watch her bag as she goes into the loo, The Associated Press reported.

She also told the television station that she left her things with Harlow after gaining confidence and trust that he’s a nice person after they have spent several hours together.

“He put me at ease,” she said. “He seemed genuine and I trusted him, at least enough to leave my stuff with him while I went to the restroom.”

The woman tried contacting her missing date, but the number he had given her had been disconnected and his Tinder profile had been deleted, she said.



Police told the local news that Harlow took the victim’s credit card to a casino and tried to withdraw money from several banks.

Harlow was since then arrested and was booked into the Maricopa County Jail on suspicion of felony theft, theft of a credit card and taking the identity of another person, as what the legal court documents show.

I guess this will serve us all a lesson to never leave your purse when we go on a date.

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