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Husband Murdered Wife In Order To Live With His Mistress Cousin [VIDEO]

A mother was brutally murdered by the hands of her own husband. She was beaten, bound, gagged and stabbed before being strangled to death and her dead body was kept in a closet for before burying the dead body in a shallow grave up north.

Kimberly Dejohn, 51-years old, a mother of three, from Detroit Michigan, had been beaten badly by his own husband identified as, Loyd Dejohn, 48-years old. Kim was beaten savagely from head and back, stabbed in the abdomen, gagged her mouth with a plastic shopping bag, and strangled her with an electrical cord. Her dead body was then placed in closet rot for two days.

The couple had a heated argument which made Kim smashed some of Loyd’s precious collectibles. The incident infuriates Loyd which fueled him to murder his wife brutally.

Loyd kept Kim’s dead body in a closet for two days, and he invited his Anjelica Gonzales to live with him. There were moments where Loyd and Anjelica had sex while the Kim’s dead body is just a few feet away from them. The odor of the Kim’s corpse prompted Loyd to move it into the bed of his pickup truck, covering her with dirt.

He drove around for two weeks from home to work before burying the dead body in a shallow grave in Tuscarora Township in Cheboygan County, near his grandmother’s residence on May 28.

Kim’s body was found by authorities on June17.

Loyd had been arrested May 30, for aggravated domestic violence, was later charged with murder and disinterment of a corpse.

Loyd initially claimed that he and Kim had an argument but that she took off into the night right afterward and he hadn’t seen her since.

Loyd’s girlfriend, Anjelica Gonzales testified against him. On September 20, the jury left to mull over whether to convict Loyd of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, or manslaughter.

He was later convicted to life in prison without the possibility of parole. And there are no closets behind bars.


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