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Lesbian Couple Brutally Beat Their 5yo Daughter To Death

Tequila Crump, 26, and Crump’s alleged girlfriend, Ursula Owens, 37, is now facing felonious assault charges in the case and appeared in Cleveland Municipal Court Wednesday morning after brutally beating a 5-year-old girl to death.

According to police investigations, a 911 call was made around 11 p.m. Friday and the caller reported a child had a seizure that morning and was having a hard time breathing due to child abuse.

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When medical responding crews arrived on the scene, they found the little girl,Ta’Naejah McCloud, in full arrest  and unresponsive with marks and bruises on her body. Some of the marks were already old and had already begun to heal.

The two women were both issued $1 million bonds after being charged in connection with the death of a 5-year-old Cleveland girl and the case will now go to a grand jury, and more charges are expected. The couple allegedly “did inflict serious physical harm to a five-year-old child that resulted in seizure, brain injury and subsequently death.”

The prosecutor Wednesday asked the judge to hold Crump and Owens on at least $1 million bond each.

“Miss Crump’s 5-year-old daughter died of brain injuries,” he said. “The child had been declared brain-dead…bleeding on the brain and suffering seizures.”

Shabrina McCloud, who recently dated Crump for about a year and adopted the little girl, said she hasn’t seen the 5 year old girl for months and she had no idea the girl was being abused until her sudden death.

Crump had allegedly cut off all contact with McCloud even though she has court papers proving that she had joint custody of Ta’naejah when they moved to Cleveland. McCloud seeked help from local authorities for visitation but was told they couldn’t help her situation.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family with burial expenses and other costs.

Read More: http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2017/03/mother_friend_accused_of_beati.html


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