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Man Arrested After What He Said When He Called The Police


26-year-old Yu Wei Gong called police Tuesday morning and confessed to the officers that he killed his mother. This gruesome murder have shocked the community,  especially those who were close to the family as Gong was known to be outgoing, likable and always nice.

An officer found what appeared to be body parts.

“Another covered object in the freezer felt to a different officer like a human leg and foot,” the complaint said.

After Gong was arrested, he was taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation and was held at the hospital until Sunday, April 16.

Upon his release from the hospital, Gong was taken into custody and charged with with second-degree murder of his mother. His bail is set at two-million dollars.

Investigators say they’re still interviewing neighbors and other people who know the suspect and his mother to find out more details.

“No way, you’re kidding, no way, not to your mom, not to anybody actually,” says Adam Cadorna who also lives on the sixth floor of the building.

“I can’t get into the specifics of what type of injuries or where the body was found, just the fact that we did confirm it is human remains within the apartment,” says Lt. Phillip Lavarias from HPD’s Homicide Division.

Gong is scheduled to be in court on Monday.

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