Man Gets Fired On First Day After How He Treated His New Boss [VIDEO]

A man who was working at a fast food restaurant in Barrie, Ontario last Saturday will surely have a hard time finding a job in the future he allegedly punched his manager in the face on the first day of his job which was also the same day he got officially unemployed.

According to reports, Canadian local authorities were called to a fast food restaurant in Barrie, Ontario, on Saturday, to investigate an ordeal between a new hire employee and his line manager. The investigators said that the 20-year-old suspect had started to work at the restaurant on the day of the incident, and he was being trained in by the store manager.

It’s alleged that the store manager was punched in the face after correcting the new employee during his training, which was obviously what needs to be done since he was newly hired. When the manager corrected the new employee and showed him the proper way of doing things, the 20-year-old man became irritated and punched his manager in the face, causing him to suffer injuries.

The new employee, however, fled the fast food restaurant before the police arrived. The manager was then treated for minor injuries and was not hurt badly because of the incident.

Police did not name the suspect and was remained unidentified but they said that the employee surrendered the next day.

The suspect was charged with assault and is not unemployed due to his short temper.


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