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Mother Giraffe Kicked The Vet Right In The Balls [VIDEO]

In the animal world, mothers are always being protective extra protective. She will do anything in order to protect their offspring. A protective mother giraffe kicked its veterinarian while feeding her.

On February 2017, The Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York launched a YouTube channel live-stream documenting the pregnancy of April the giraffe, who ironically gave birth early in April. More than 1.2 million people watched her give birth to her calf, and within 48 hours, the video of the birth hits 14 million views and 1,200 comments on YouTube.

While Vets gave the baby his first check-up this morning and later revealed his height to be 5ft 9 inches. He weighs 129lbs, which is just over 9 stone. An unlucky vet who got a little too close to her got kicked by the protective mother giraffe.

It is just normal for an animal to act that way. Regardless if your intention is good; just like what happened to the vet who just tried to give food to the baby giraffe, they don’t seem to matter. Unlike us, animals do act according to their instincts and not how we think.

It didn’t seem to hurt him too much as he made a swift exit from the enclosure – but it didn’t stop her trying to give him another kick on the way out.

April will naturally raise her calf and weaning could take between six and 10 months, although it might take longer.

Animal Adventure Park has already launched a poll to try and name the baby giraffe, and typically the biggest suggestion so far has been “Giraffe McGiraffeface.” Wow: how original. Some say that sticking with an established theme is best. Probably a name like “March” or “August” to compliment April would be a good idea. But the baby giraffe is yet to be named.


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