Mother Posts This Last Status On Facebook Before Killing Herself And Her 1yo Son [VIDEO] – 3%

Mother Posts This Last Status On Facebook Before Killing Herself And Her 1yo Son [VIDEO]



“And even now all I can think about is leaving this world. Putting a gun in my mouth and leaving. Which is what is about to happen.”

“You will never see your son again. You don’t deserve to have a son, to have a legacy. Why should you have your name carried on? You are a nasty man…you can have the single life back.”

Hours after the 40-year-old mother published the post late Monday morning, Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to her home in Shrewsbury Township around 1 p.m. to conduct a welfare check, the county coroner told the York Dispatch.

There, troopers found Shermeyer dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound — and the body of 1-year-old John Shermeyer, apparently suffocated by his mother, police told the York newspaper.


One neighbor who spoke with KPMT told the station he was stunned by the deaths.

“I saw them outside during the summer and late fall, playing and having a good time. She was always really happy, it seemed like. I wouldn’t have known that there was anything going on, so just to know that behind closed doors, things were that rough,” Jason Lanius said. “You never really know what people are going through.”

He added that he wished there had been signs before so that people could have reached out to help.

“It’s such a sad thing. He was just a year old. Just from reading the stuff on Facebook, it was obvious that there were a lot of people that really loved her, and cared about her. It’s a shame that something happened, and it was kind of too late,” Lanius said.

Shermeyer’s death is being investigated as a suicide and her toddler’s as a homicide, according to the Dispatch. Autopsies on Shermeyer and her son were scheduled for Wednesday at Lehigh Valley Hospital.


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