Policewomen In Near Fatal Crash, Wakes From Coma With HUGE Surprise – 3%

Policewomen In Near Fatal Crash, Wakes From Coma With HUGE Surprise

A Tragic car accident that almost killed a police officer puts her in Coma.  ‘Thanks to her new born son’, she has woken up as she gave birth while in coma.

Amelia Banna, a police woman in Argentina who had a serious traffic accident. The car was being driven by her husband Cristian Espindola when it turned off the road in Posadas north east Argentina. She was five months pregnant that time.

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Amelia Banna and her son Santino

Santino was born healthy and he was taken home by her family, who cared for him. The family brought Santino to the hospital so that he can bond with his mother despite the fact that she was in a coma. Three months after the tragic accident, Amelia awoke from her coma and is able to answer ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions.

Cesar Bannan, her brother, said: ‘Doctors told us that this is a miracle from God’, adding: ‘She has spoken, her first words after asking her something were ‘yes, no’.’

Banna’s brother Cesar Bannan, posted a video to Facebook, showing his sister, who still has limited mobility, holding her son on her chest for a few moments.

Footage shared by her brother on social media shows the new mum with her baby in her arms and is seen she moving her hands in order to hug the baby. The brother can be heard saying: ‘Very good, Amelia, grab him well.’

Doctors said that this is an unusual case, but this development has led them to hope that she will make a full recovery.

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