This Girl Got Ultimate Revenge On Ex Who Dumped Her A Week Before Prom – 3%

This Girl Got Ultimate Revenge On Ex Who Dumped Her A Week Before Prom


Imagine your boyfriend of nearly a year not only dumping you a week before the big dance, but also asking you for the $95 he spent on the ticket back. Yes, this has happened to Twitter usPanchal Maria, a Columbine High School student dumped one week before prom. And, she ultimately got her payback by literally paying back her ex-boyfriend.

Maria figured she owed him $95 so she’d give him back $95 – just in the form of 9500 pennies. She filled four glass jars with the pennies and a note telling him to “have fun at prom.”

Maria posted her ex’s texts that said, “[How ever] you need to get my money back is up to you. I can pick it up, or you can drop it off whichever is convenient for you. I need it today or tomorrow.”

According to Fox31, the teen said her revenge was justified. “What he did wasn’t okay so, I thought of a harmless way to mess around.”

Maria tweeted pictures of her ex’s text and her response with the hashtag #BoyfriendOfTheYear.


Her ex characterized her as “crazy” and posted a picture of his new girlfriend.

While some are tweeting that her actions were petty, many others are praising the teen’s creative revenge.

One fan suggested she “put it in a cardboard box and unsealed the bottom, so when he picks it up…bam.”

Maria didn’t have to wait long to find a new date, she attended the prom with one of her best friends.


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