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Two Men Arrested After Alleged Brutal Rape Of 10month Old Baby [VIDEO]

A ten-month-old baby who has been taken away from her mother’s was allegedly raped by her father and his boyfriend in an immoral three hour session.

The child was living with her mother in New South Wales, Australia, when her father and his lover, both 50, allegedly assaulted her in April 2015.

At that time, the girl’s mother was reportedly attending a training course. Allegedly, the father’s boyfriend later said they did not have ‘enough time to do everything we wanted’.

Whether or not the child was removed from her mother’s care, she is understood to be held responsible for state authorities.

Her father and his boyfriend were placed in custody in Sydney, senior police figures detectives described the case as ‘unfathomable’ and one of the most disturbing they had seen.

It’s very difficult to say that one job is any worse than the other because every family of an abused child is affected.

Detective Acting Superintendent Paul Yeomans of the NSW State Crime Command said, “In saying that, the alleged sexual assault of such a young baby is just unfathomable”.

The men, who cannot be identified to protect the child’s identity, were arrested in Melbourne.

Their alleged assault on the girl came to light when detectives investigating another accused sex offender in Victoria raided his home to find conversations detailing how they apparently abused her.

Police said that, “Skype conversations were among a ‘significant’ cache of child pornography”.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that in one exchange, the father’s boyfriend allegedly told a friend they “did not have enough time to do everything we wanted”.

The father’s boyfriend allegedly told a friend how he was ‘turned on’ by incest and that he had wanted to ‘drug the little one’.

Another conversation allegedly involved the accused excitedly talking about ‘going away to play with the baby for a few days’.

The case was one of the most harrowing he has worked on due to child’s age, Detective Superintendent Yeomans said.

“This is a terrible, terrible case. It’s awful.”

“There’s no rhyme nor reason for it. It’s very difficult to quantify.” Previous reports of the child’s physical condition may have been misleading, he added.

‘When I said the baby was fine the question I had been asked was “how is she”. I was not asked what is her physical condition and I won’t go in to it but I will say she is in now in the care of authorities.’

He would not comment on whether the girl’s mother was under investigation, stating only: ‘We are ongoing with our investigations.’

The two 50-year-old men were arrested in Ivanhoe by New South Wales police, following an investigation by Victorian police into alleged child exploitation material.

Two men have been extradited to NSW from Victoria after allegedly sexually assaulting a baby in Bathurst.

One man was charged with two counts of sexual intercourse with a person under ten years and the production, possession and sharing of child pornography.

The second man was also charged with sexual intercourse with a person under ten years, as well as further child porn-related offences and use of a child under 14 years to make child abuse material.



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