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Woman Arrested For Self-Abortion And Burying Her Fetus In Their Backyard

A woman was arrested after performing an abortion on herself and burying the fetus in their backyard.

In Chesterfield County, Virginia, the police brought cadaver dogs to search the small redbrick rancher in this suburban community south of Richmond due to a search warrant.

Roberts, who remains in jail in Chesterfield, has denied the charges. According to the police, she told investigators she gave birth to a baby boy in the house, but he died afterward, and she buried him in the backyard.

It was the mother of Michelle Roberts’s boyfriend, Danny Coppola, who tipped police off to the missing baby, according to court records.


Police received a tip that skeletal remains were buried in the backyard of a home located in the 6200 block of Philbrook Road, according to the criminal complaint.

The grandmother of the unborn child became suspicious after Roberts no longer appeared to be pregnant during her third trimester.

Police contacted Roberts, and she later admitted to aborting her unborn baby in the third trimester and burying the remains in her yard.

Investigators exhumed the remains and sent the bones for testing. Tests confirmed that the baby was aborted. The medical examiner said that the baby died as a result of penetrating injuries to the head.

The police search of the home and the back yard, court records say, yielded: “human remains; two Samsung galaxy cellphones; a disc thumb drive; a white tablet; and a journal.”

The house, where pink azalea bushes are blooming in the front yard, is now for sale.



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