Woman Finds Nasty "Alien" Sac In Her Backyard, Films It While It Hatches [VIDEO]

Woman Finds Nasty “Alien” Sac In Her Backyard, Films It While It Hatches [VIDEO]

Scientists don’t claim to know or understand every creature that lives on planet Earth. And by some accounts, a huge amount of life in the ocean has yet to be discovered. The same goes for hard-to-reach places on the planet’s surface like deep within the Amazon rainforest.

But what’s in this gooey egg sac is a whole other story. And while it might be something few people understand or know what it is, the freaky life form is certainly not something you want to find in YOUR backyard. Scroll down to witness some of the strangest photos of your life.

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When the Twitter user found the strange egg sac in their backyard, they decided to take a video. But as they watched the thing, it quickly evolved into something straight out of Ridley Scott’s “Aliens.” With tentacles and phosphorescent colors, this beast belongs in a horror story, not someone’s backyard.

The object in these photos has four tentacles. They’re pink all around, but have a darker shade in the middle. There is also a dark, gooey substance that looks like something you wouldn’t want to get on your shirt or pants.

And when it blooms? This thing looks even more menacing.

Source: Newsmagazine


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