Dog the Bounty Hunter Makes Chilling Announcement In California

Dog the Bounty Hunter Makes Chilling Announcement In California

The name Duane Chapman may not ring many bells, but most Americans know who Dog the Bounty Hunter is. Chapman’s reality television show followed his life as a bounty hunter, chasing down people who had skipped out on their bail. So it’s not surprising that he would have strong opinions on changes to the bail system.

California lawmakers are considering two bills that would replace county bail systems with safety and flight risk assessments instead, with the bills’ sponsors saying that the current system “punishes the poor for being poor”. Bail would be used as a last resort only so that people who can’t pay the non-refundable deposit to a bail agent won’t be kept in prison simply because they can’t make bail.

Some people, however, think that Chapman isn’t as worried about the threat to taxpayers as he says he is, and instead, is looking to protect the bail bonds industry — and his job. But Chapman insists that this would be a huge safety risk for Californians.

Do you think the bail industry needs to be reformed?

Source: Right Wing News

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