Check Out What ISIS Weekly Paper Said Just Days Before Attack On Great Britain

Check Out What ISIS Weekly Paper Said Just Days Before Attack On Great Britain

Islamic State group jihadists warned the United Kingdom of an imminent terror attack just two days before the June 3 attack in London that killed seven people and injured dozens more.

According to Milo Yiannopoulos, the British Islamic State paper, al-Naba, released an article on June 1, entitled: “Blessed Battle of Manchester: A new lesson for tyrants, Crusader States.”

“Protected by the sea they have long relied on isolating themselves” and thought “their exit from the European Union would save them,” the article said, according to PJ Media.

“A soldier from the Islamic State has unleashed terror throughout their country, they rushed to spread the army in the cities, mobilizing police and security in the streets for fear of a new attack,” which it claimed, “is inevitable, God willing.”

It also mocked England’s attempts to keep its people safe, stating that security and police vigilance is a “costly, exhausting situation.”

According to The Sun, Islamic State group members in England also released a YouTube video ahead of the London terror attack which also went unnoticed by British anti-terror agencies.

“Muslim brothers in Europe who can’t reach the Islamic State lands, attack them in their homes, their markets, their roads, and their forums,” a spokesperson exclaimed in the video.

“Do not despise the work,” the jihadist continued. “Your targeting of the so-called innocents and civilians is beloved by us and the most effective, so go forth and may you get a great reward or martyrdom in Ramadan.”

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