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Girl Who Appeared To Have A Perfect life Has Her Tongue Ripped Out By Boyfriend

With the use of social media filters and elegantly-worded statuses, anyone can make their life look picture-perfect. One young woman reveals that not everything you see on social media may be what it seems, and her relationship was something that turned almost deadly outside of loving Facebook posts.

Her message in slide #1 is something every young woman needs to read!

It easy to be blinded by rose-colored glasses on social media, but one young lady has stepped forward with her awful truth.

7. Carleigh Hager Is Like Any Other Millennial


Hager is a nursing assistant that likes to post fun selfies and other life happenings on social media. She was especially excited to post about her loving relationship with her boyfriend, 26-year-old Ryan Cameron.

The two met online and began dating, and they seemed perfect for each other in every aspect. Slide #4 proves their relationship was anything but fine!

6. Her Relationship Became Abusive Behind Closed Doors

“I tried several times to break up with him and he would threaten my dog’s life. I was so embarrassed to tell my family because I had started a life with him,” Hager stated. It wasn’t until her life almost came to an end that her loved ones became aware of the abuse.

5. Hager Landed In The Hospital Badly Injured

Hager was viciously attacked by her boyfriend Ryan Cameron, and the injuries were so severe that part of Hager’s tongue had to be stitched back together and part of her ear also had to be stitched back onto her head.

Cameron had actually used his fingers to rip part of her tongue out of her mouth, and the next slide shows she had to literally fight for her life.

4. The Attack Almost Took Her Life

Hager recalls almost choking on her own blood, as her ex-boyfriend attempted to stop her from breathing. “Immediately started pouring blood and I freaked out and was screaming even harder and he tried to suffocate me with my own blood,” she stated.

She even reveals that some of their friends were present with the abuse leading up to this attack.

3. The Events Leading Up To The Attack Were Traumatizing

Hager explained that the abuse started as emotional and mental, and Cameron would engage in a confrontation in front of their friends. “He proceeded to tell his friends if they ever wanted to f*ck me, here was their opportunity,” she revealed to a news source.

Slide #1 is valuable advice to anyone considering leaving their less-than-happy relationship.

2. Social Media Doesn’t Always Depict The Truth

“Social media is not everything you think,” she stated. Although friends and family thought Hager found her “prince charming,” there was definitely nothing fairytale about this relationship.

The happy ending is Hager moving on with her life and finding the strength to speak out against domestic violence, for others that are going through the same thing.

1. Carleigh Hager Has Become A Voice For Other Victims

“Don’t ever let them tell you that you’re nothing, that you have nowhere to go,” Hager stated, “Hang out with your friends. Do anything in this world. ‘Cause that’s not a man. That’s not somebody who loves you.”

Never be afraid to walk away. There is always someone there that can help you move on with your life and away from the abuse.

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