UK Prime Minster Has Terrifying Prediction About The Next Terror Attack

UK Prime Minster Has Terrifying Prediction About The Next Terror Attack

Two days after the attack in London, where a trio of Islamic terrorists killed seven and injured 48 in a two-part attack, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May issued a frightening declaration regarding the potential for yet another terrorist attack.

“JTAC, the independent joint terrorism analysis centre, have confirmed that the national threat level remains at severe; that means that a terrorist attack is highly likely,” she specifically told the BBC in a televised interview Monday, as reported by Reuters.

As seen on the M15 website, “critical means an attack is expected imminently.”

The problem is that as soon as authorities identified the bomber and hunted down his network, the agency reduced the level back to “severe.”

“The UK’s terrorism threat level has been reduced from critical to severe after the arrest of 11 suspects in the investigation into Monday’s bombing of a pop concert in Manchester,” The Guardian reported in late May. “This means that the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre no longer believes that an attack is imminent; instead they think it is now just highly likely.”

Some would argue that it should have remained at “critical.” Others would add that it should still be at “critical” given that the nation has suffered three attacks in just three months, with the first one having occurred in March when a terrorist crashed his vehicle into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and then barged onto the grounds of the Palace of Westminster.

Either way, it seems clear that until the nation’s government begins taking more concrete steps to crack down on Islamic extremism, the threat of death and destruction at the hands of terrorists will, sadly, remain a staple of every British citizen’s life.

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