Woman Makes SHOCKING Find Behind Daycare, Then She Hears What Is Going Inside

Woman Makes SHOCKING Find Behind Daycare, Then She Hears What Is Going Inside

A day care center in Minnesota is under fire for disciplining a 4-year-old girl by leaving her outside in 3-degree temperatures.

Police were reportedly called to KinderCare in Eagan after a concerned resident called to report that the girl was standing outside without a coat on. Staff put the girl outside as punishment for screaming in class.

“It all depends on circumstances of how out of control the child was. Why the child was taken outside in the first place. How long the child was outside. All those factors would go into whether or not there is a criminal charge,” Machtemes said.

Some parents told the station that although their children have been disciplined before with timeouts, they’ve never heard of any child being put outside in the cold.

“I don’t believe anyone here would discipline a child like that or that that is how a child should be disciplined in any way. Anywhere,” one parent said.

The story quickly went viral, with many readers calling for the teacher who sent the girl outside to be reprimanded appropriately.

“I do not care how long she was out there you do not leave a 4-year-old alone This is child abuse and No matter their excuses they all should be arrested who works there They are being paid to care for the child not freeze her to death Sue them for endangering your child,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Yet another example of abuse by day care workers. I know some mothers have no choice but to bring their child to daycare and God bless them because they have no other choice. But please Moms, if you have the choice to stay home, even if you need to put aside your career for awhile, stay at home with your little one. That precious child needs you. The child will grow to be more secure in life. Some day you will be thankful you did,” another wrote.

“My child wouldn’t be going back there. They need to be held accountable for this. Putting her out in freezing weather with only a shirt on. I would be questioning their abilities to give proper discipline. That is abuse what they did. They need to answer for it,” another added.

Sources: KMSP

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