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Wife Goes Off On Husband For Always Working, Then Hears Their Daughter Talking To Him

Most of us don’t think twice about the people behind our food. The people planting, growing, and harvesting. Many of us don’t realize the backbreaking, brutal, lonely work that goes into that one glorious ear of corn you might pick up for pennies at the grocery store. Some of us might not think twice about the sugar we spoon into our morning coffee. And certainly not all of us contemplate the existence of the beef that we bite into with a big, delicious burger.

A mother was upset with her husband due to always being at work and vented her frustrations to him in a text message. Then, when he came home, she understood how lucky she was. A picture she took in the time she noticed how much she needed to be grateful for has gone viral.

Pugh’s husband is a farmer, and she claims that she has the exact experiences concerning her marriage around the same time every year, “throughout planting and harvest time.”

When she was feeling down regarding her marriage, her husband returned home and ate dinner with their little girl and Katie had an awareness. She snapped a picture at that moment to capture when she started to value everything her husband was doing.

“He entered, fixed his plate and sat down to eat all by himself. He was exhausted and was hot. He was stressed out. Instead of a complaint, he said he was sorry I was tired and also thought as such,” she wrote. “Charlotte joined him and talked his head off and even ate most of his dinner. He did not worry. He expressed, and it struck me. Do I desire that we saw him a lot more than one hour daily? Yes. But, the love he has for his craft is a thing to envy. Farmers work in a thankless profession. It’s usually non-GMO this and organic that, and let’s not even mention the stress from Mother Nature.”

Katie continued, “This is a man who is trying to retain 4 generations of blood sweat and tears and demonstrating to his children the importance of working hard and self-control. Therefore when I was frustrated, I ought to have been grateful. I got to sit down to dinner and hear all the tales from the day with the kids. I got to provide them with a shower and listen to their squeals and giggles. I got to snuggle and love on them for 3 hours more than he did. He is the one sacrificing, not me.”

The mother discussed her story to tell individuals how necessary the work of a farmer is.

“We continue holding on until the next rainy day when we get a couple of extra hours with our hard worker. Meanwhile, the next time you enter into that comfy cotton shirt or eat tasty farm fresh food, say thanks to a farmer,” she wrote. “Where would we be without these people?”

Sources: DailyHeadlines, Love What Matters/Facebook

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