Man Bursts Into Tears When He Learns Family Heirloom’s Value On “Antiques Roadshow.”

In Tucson, Arizona, a man inherited an old Navajo blanket from her aunt. The man did not know the worth of the blanket until an appraiser told him that the value of the blanket is between $350,000 and $500,000.

Several years ago PBS filmed this episode and it happened that LT was watching. The blanket catches his attention because he also has a similar blanket shown in the episode.  He started to wonder if his blanket also cost near that much. He is willing to sell his blanket if it has a cost.

LT lost one of his legs in an accident. For years, he is only receiving $839 disability check. As a result, he struggles to support himself.  Since uncertain if the blanket he has is a Navajo blanket, LT did some research. He decided to bring the blanket to a California-based John Moran Antique & Fine Arts Auctioneers to check the worth of his blanket. When he brought the blanket to the appraiser, the professor almost fell over after seeing it.

“If this is what we think it is, it’s truly an amazing Navajo weaving. And I think the hair on the back of our necks stood up. “Professor said.

The Navajo blanket has only 50 in existence and the one of those are with LT’s possession. This is worn by wealthy and chief. According to the appraiser, the blankets were only created until about 1865 and LT’s blanket was probably woven sometime in the 1840s or 1850s.

LT was surprised about the worth of the blanket with an estimated value of about $50,000 and soon went up to $100,000 the $200,000. The appraisal value was for LT was more than enough for his need.

In June 2012, during the auction, LT became emotional after his blanket was auctioned for $1.5 million.

This “rags to reaches” story only provide that miracles really exist. This man truly deserves the incredible windfall.

Article Sources: The Shred Nation/Facebook, Inspiremore and Bird Plan/Youtube Photo Credits: Little Things and  AwesomeJelly Video Credit: Bird Plan/Youtube

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