National Guard Rolling Into St. Louis, Are They Preparing For A Heated Night Of Protests…. [VIDEO]

You can see more updates on the St. Louis Civil Unrest Facebook page. Seems that THIS Govenor is not taking any chances. Unlike Nixon who basically let them do whatever they wanted.







These are the Antifa Guidelines as posted to their pages.


If any are planning to go to the streets I urge you to be prepared for yourself and to help others:

• Milk of Magnesia will neutralize pepper spray/tear gas in eyes…mix with water 1/2&1/2

• Latex gloves will protect your skin and prevent cross contamination of chemical agents

• Wear goggles or at least sunglasses

• If you use an inhaler, have one with you

• Use a bandana soaked in apple cider vinegar to help you breathe through chemical agents

• keep your cell charged

• park in a place you do not risk being towed

• Wear tennis shoes, not flip flops or sandals

• A hat will keep pepper spray/tear gas out of your hair

• Carry snacks and bottled water for yourself and others

• Take a little tablet with you and a pen–write down names/birthdates of anyone arrested

• Have an agreed upon meeting place in case you get disconnected from your group

• Watch for those overcome with shock, grief, trauma, fatigue, low sugar, high blood pressure

• remember, it is not illegal to film police

• remember, we cannot tell people how to grieve/lament, we simply guard them as they express

• Make sure someone knows where you are

• If you get arrested shout out your first and last name and birthdate

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