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23yo Teacher BUSTED After Celebrating 15yo Students Birthday With A ‘Sex Present’

Alice McBrearty a London teacher is jailed after found to be having a full blown sexual relationship with a 15 year old teen student.

Alice McBrearty a 23 year old London school teacher has been sentenced to 16 months jail after it was disclosed the woman had been having an affair with a 15 year old student.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard how teacher had kissed and had sex with her victim at her parent’s car, in her car, in the classroom and at an IBIS hotel.

‘I accept he was consenting – what 15-year-old schoolboy would turn down such an attractive offer?’ 

Prosecutors told of the the pair having ‘kissed passionately’ in the classroom, meeting up three times at McBrearty’s parents home along wit having sex in her car.

Alice McBrearty
Pictured, teacher, Alice McBrearty

Alice McBrearty teacher: And then there was the birthday treat for her teen victim too.

But perhaps it was the announcement that the teacher had offered her student victim a particular birthday treat that shocked the court. As a ‘birthday treat‘ McBrearty picked up her now 16 year old lover from his parents home and taking him to a nearby garage for oral sex. 

Lisa Matthews, prosecuting, said they became ‘besotted’ with each other and the teacher had convinced herself the relationship was a ‘great romance.’

Several members of staff raised concerns and repeatedly warned McBrearty that she was getting too close the pupil but the affair continued.

As she jailed McBrearty, who now delivers parcels for Amazon, Judge Sheelagh Canavan told her the case was a ‘spectacular fall from grace’.

The court heard McBrearty took the boy to an IBIS hotel where she told him to wait outside, before going in to book a room and calling him to tell him which room to come into.  

After the boy’s father called police May 8, he was interviewed by police with social services, where he admitted the affair. Soon after the teacher was taken into custody. 

Alice McBrearty
Alice McBrearty

Alice McBrearty blames her transgression on stress. But what about her position of trust?

The court heard the relationship began in January, when McBrearty followed the boy on social media and asked for his phone number. 

Told the prosecution: ‘He felt special and accepted it. She took him out to Olympic Park, they went for strolls and out for meals.

‘They got close and appeared to be besotted with each other, they spoke about the future.

‘The first sexual encounter took place at her home address in February half term.’ 

Emma Shafton, defending, said McBrearty was demoralized after being ‘thrown in at the deep end’ teaching subjects with little experience having just completed a Teach First program.

Told Shafton: ‘She detested her job, and that is why instead of socializing with her colleagues she socialized with students in the classroom.’

Adding, ‘She is a from a hard working family, and has a university degree. 

‘She was low at the time. She detested her job. She has since resigned as a teacher.

‘The only work she has managed to find is delivering parcels for Amazon.’ 

Retorted the prosecution: ‘Children are the future. In order to equip them for that we as a civilisation we provide them with the skills required.

‘We entrust teachers with our children. You convinced yourself this was a great romance, and equal in love, that is patently not true.

‘He was precisely at the age when he was at the mercy of his hormones.

‘There were concerns raised about having boys in the classroom, and you were given further guidance and training.

‘You met up at home, a hotel a car and at the school itself.

‘You were supposed to keep him safe and help him make the right decisions. Instead you helped him make the wrong ones. You knew better and you did it anyway.

‘You breached the trust between student and teacher to satisfy your physical and emotional needs. This was the grossest breach of trust over a period of months.

‘This offense is so serious that only an immediate custodial sentence will do.’

McBrearty’s sentencing followed the woman previously pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual activity with a child while in a position of trust at an earlier hearing. Upon her sentencing, the female teacher put her head in her hands and sobbed in the dock as she is to now reckon why she sexually preyed on her minor victim.

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