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4 Teens Bully An Elderly Bus Monitor To Tears. Days Later She Gets A Call From A Stranger

Children nowadays have become horribly disrespectful to elderly. 68-year old Karen Huff Klein loves kids and she has eight grandchildren. Her experience with youngsters does not save her tears after four students got her that day. The students were cruel enough to have to her tears fall from her eyes.

In decades Klein has worked as a school bus driver in Greece Central School District for two decades. When she got older, she decided to be a bus monitor because of it much easier job for her age. As a bus monitor, she keeps the children safe when they enter and exit the bus.

“They all killed themselves because they didn’t want to be near you.”

The teenagers knew that Klein’s son killed himself a decade ago. This painful insult broke her so much that she can’t stop her tears from falling. While she was crying the group of bullies decided to film her to post the bullying online.

After the video was uploaded, it got different reactions from the people. The video became viral that an immigrant from Ukraine stepped in to do something about the bullying act. The immigrant from Ukraine was Max Sidorov who understands how painful bullying is.

To stop the teen from taunting her, Sidorov founded a crowdfunding campaign and raised $5,000. This has sent Klein on a vacation. But this is not the only reward she has received after the traumatic experience. After the bullying video made a great impact on the public, she has received more than $700,000 so she could never deal with the bullies again.

While she has used some of her money for herself, she also uses the funds to establish Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation. She created this non-profit organization to combat bullying.

Article Source: DailyMail Photo Credit: DailyMail Video Credit: VizzaTop5/Youtube


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