Woman Arrested On Charges Of Raping 9 Juveniles [WATCH]

A woman in Wynne, Arkansas is arrested in Cross County and accused of sexually assaulting 9 juveniles.

The Cross County Sheriff’s Office received a report that Veronica Blake sexually assaulted three children since July 2017. However, deputies investigating the case determined that a total of nine children were victimized.

Veronica Blake, 34-year-old

The ages of the children have not been released but according to some reports, they are under 18.

“Any time a person mistreats a child, they need to be dealt with,” said Wynne resident Donny Lopp. “I don’t care who they (sic) is, or how old.”

Word of the arrest spread throughout Wynne. Loop says hearing about this case is a reminder to parents to keep a watchful eye on your children.

“If it’s not your child or someone else’s child, they always come to an adult for protection,” Loop said.

Blake turned herself into authorities without incident on Thursday. She was taken into custody on six counts of rape, six counts of incest, seven counts of computer child pornography and one count of sexual indecency with a minor.

She was then charged with six counts of rape, seven counts of computer or child pornography, and one count of sexual indecency with a minor. She remained in jail Thursday night, according to a detective with the sheriff’s office. Blake’s bond was set at $100,000.

After the news emerged in social media, many condemned the 34-year-old.
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“Sick bi***, I say hang her, you ruined these kids lives, makes me sick knowing men and women mess with innocent children 😡burn in h**l,” one wrote.

“That’s it! I am thoroughly convinced that demonic possession is taking over the people of our world,” another Crime Watch Daily commenter reacted.

“She is the reason why we need the death penalty for sexual predators! This LOSER should fry! And I bet she is a member of a child abuse club,” one mad viewer said.

Cross County Sheriff’s Deputies want to know if there are any more victims out there. Arkansas State Police is also assisting in the investigation.

They are asking for anyone with helpful information to contact the Cross County Sheriff’s Office at 870-238-5700.

Article Sources: Crime Watch Daily, NBC 12, Crime Watch Daily/Facebook Photo Credit: KATV 

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