Driver Passes Teen Walking Down Road, Shocked By What He’s Dragging Behind Him

While heading down the road a driver saw a teen far off coming towards him walking. As the driver approached, the teen sped up when the driver observed that the chain was around15-year-old Demarco Bailey’s waist, along with the tires dragging behind him. That makes him pull over and get out.

For miles, Earl Davis a high school football coach had not witness anyone on this particular, so when he saw Bailey ahead of him, he was extremely surprised. Despite the weight he is dragging, the teen continues to step on his feet.

The heavy chain is wrapped around Bailey’s skinny torso with two giant tires linked to it. Although it was a warm day, the teen still wears a dirty sweater and wrapped around his neck is a tattered scarf. Because of running in this long road, his shoes were worn down.

His looks will tell how he has been a good distance. Out of curiosity, the driver wants to know what the boy is doing alone, so he decided to stop and ask him.

With Bailey’s consent, stunned Davis took a picture of the boy and posted it on Love What Matters Facebook Page which went viral, showing how the driver discovered Bailey. Before taking the photos, the boy revealed that he badly wants to be part of his high school’s football team, but did not have a chance. He came to a poor family, that they could not afford the sports camp for conditioning to be the best player.

Because of his determination to achieve his dream, his own camp was created using the materials around his house that could help him drive to his physical limit and show himself a strong competitor.

Regardless of his wear and dirty appearance, this brave boy considers himself as a champion, and by his seen effort on the long road, he presented to a stranger what a real devotion looks like.

According to Faithit, it inspired Davis to set up a GoFundMe page for Demarco to get him some new training gear-the real stuff.  The fund quickly surpassed its $5,000 goal.

Article Sources: MadWorldNews and Faithit Photo Credits: MadWorldNews and Faithit 

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