ISIS IS Still Insisting Vegas Shooter Was A Member Of Their Group [READ]

Despite denials from the FBI, ISIS continues to insist that Stephen Paddock the Las Vegas shooter is linked to their group.

After the terrible massive shootout where 527 people are wounded and 59 people were killed by Stephen Paddock, 64-year-old, a resident of nearby Mesquite, Nevada, ‘news agency’ of ISIS-linked the event to their group.

The terrorist group gave Paddock a pseudonym: ‘Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki’ which means ‘The American’ while iterating its claim that Paddock was a ‘soldier of the caliphate’.

A statement sent out by Amaq a news agency said that the attack had been revenge for the U.S.-led alliance’s combat against ISIS in the Middle East.

‘The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition. The Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago.’

Shortly after the initial statement of ISIS, FBI said that they determined that this incident is not connected to the international terrorist organization.

According to FBI Special Agent Aaron Rouse statement:

‘As this investigation continues, we will continue to work with our partner to ensure that this is factually, thoroughly and absolutely investigated, to be able to bring comfort and peace back to this community.’

The statement from FBI, declarations from Nevada police and Paddocks’ family that the suspect had no religious or political affiliations was ignored by the international terrorist group.

Paddock’s life begun to drop after the mass shootout including his gambling obsession and an alleged multi-million dollar fortune made from real estate.

The police have not released any statement regarding the potential cause of the massacre. Before the massive shootout, Paddock’s has barricaded himself on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel with 23 firearms.

Based on an exclusive interview with Daily Mail, the family claims that the suspect had no political or religious affiliation.

Brother of the shooter Eric Paddock said: ‘He was just a guy. Something happened, he snapped or something, he’s my brother, we don’t have a very close relationship but we talk occasionally. There’s no rhyme or reason here, it makes no sense. He has no political affiliation, no religious affiliation, as far as we know. This wasn’t a terror attack’.

Paddock is with Marilou Danley a 62-year-old Australian citizen believed to be of Indonesian descent.

‘She has nothing to do with this, at least from my perspective’, said Eric Paddock about Marilou Danley.

In the press conference early Monday, police said that they discovered excess 10 rifles in the hotel room and the shooters death was caused by self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Article Sources: Daily Mail/Facebook and Daily Mail  Photo Credit: Daily Mail  and Yahoo news



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