Mother Sick Of School Not Doing Anything To Students Abusing Her Daughter, Takes Action

A mother of a bullied teen took a different approach to deal with the bullies, which send her in prison. The two teenage girls who are bullying a teen were attacked by her mother Joanne Higgs 32-year-old.

In a court law, Higgs has found guilty of the assault. To defend her action, she said she is “not a thug.” 

13-year-old Lilly Hulse and 15-year old Dominique Nash were reportedly chased, pushed and punched by Higgs. A rumor that the two teen had bullied Demi Knox daughter of Higgs with the help of other students was the motivation of the attack. The group threw eggs at Higgs house.

According Manchester Evening News Higgs said: “These kids were taunting me in the street, they were hanging around my house. There were shouting abuse at me and my daughter. I had tried to resolve it with the school and some of the parents after the fight but had no joy. I just wanted them to stop harassing my daughter. She’d already suffered enough.”

She added. “I had tried to call the police to tell them about it.

Higgs had dealt with bullies after her daughter had an argument with the group at the school playground. She was frustrated that the school did not do anything about the situation and that bullying was so intense that she had to move her daughter out of the school

Higgs said, “I know what I did was wrong but I’m not a thug or a chav, I acted on how I was feeling at that time. I don’t think I am the victim – it’s my daughter who has been the victim in all this. She’s had a nightmare.”

Higgs was found guilty giving her 15 weeks suspended a sentence for assaulting the teens and a court order to compensate the teens.

“I want to put all this behind me, all I want is peace my daughter and my family. Demi has had no happy years at school.” She added.

After Higgs claimed that the school did nothing about the issue, Allison Crompton Middleton teacher said:

“I hope that Miss Higgs is not trying to deflect the responsibility for her actions by seeming to blame the school, I strongly refute Miss Higgs’s comments. As an adult, Miss Higgs made her own choices about her appalling behavior. The school was dismayed and disgusted that our students were attacked in this way by an adult.”

Article Sources:  Manchester Evening News Photo Credit:  AWM and Manchester Evening News

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