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NY Times Video Editor Brags About Being Member of Antifa [RAW VIDEO]

UPDATE: NYT responds



Scroll to bottom for update: He also admitted that he chose The New York Times because he doesn’t have to be objective.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has released its latest video in an effort to showcase the bias in the mainstream media. This video includes Nicholas Dudich, the Audience Strategy Editor at The New York Times.

In the video, Dudich claims that former FBI Director James Comey is his godfather, he was a member of Antifa, and that he chose to work at The New York Times because he doesn’t have to be objective.


Dudich worked on former President Barack Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012. Failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recruited him to work on her campaign, which forced him to quit his journalism job.

He took a job at Upworthy, which took away his journalist title so he could participate in her campaign.

Dudich wanted to get back into the political game because he viewed Trump as a threat and still is a threat.

After Hillary’s loss, Dudich wanted to get back into the news business.

So why the Times?

He says this even though the Times states in its handbook that journalists at the publication must “cover the news as impartially as possible.” Dudich told the undercover reporter that he is not allowed “to give any money to any political organization” or “volunteer for any political organization.”

Dudich claims he is the “gatekeeper” for the videos that The New York Times produces, insisting that his “imprint is on every video” that goes out.

Dudich lashes out at Trump, explaining to the Project Veritas undercover reporter exactly how he would go about trying to ruin Trump…by targeting his companies:

Outrageous Claims, Statements

Dudich claimed that Comey is his godfather.

He said that his parents have known Comey “for a really long time.” Due to this connection, he admitted to the Project Veritas reporter that he should have recused himself from covering Comey’s hearing.

The reporter tried to establish if Dudich’s claim about Comey was true by asking him the last time he saw or talked to Comey. Dudich said five or six months, but the reporter remembered that Dudich said Father’s Day.

Dudich thinks and changes his mind to two months since at the time of the recording it was August. Then Dudich bashes Comey for inking a book deal, calling him a c*nt since he can’t say anything more since everything is classified.

Dudich also claimed to the Project Veritas reporter that he belonged the Antifa crowd once.

The Project Veritas reporter asked if Comey knew about this and Dudich said that he “cannot or confirm that question” since he doesn’t want want the reporter to ask a follow up question: “Did the FBI ask me to do that stuff?”

Then Dudich explained how he became an inside person for the FBI.

Pretty outrageous, right? So Project Veritas went across the country to ask Dudich’s family if the Comey claims are true.

However, Project Veritas reports that Dudich’s dad said that the family does not know Comey. One aunt couldn’t confirm anything

Dudich’s father tells a different story. He said that “to the best of my knowledge” that Dudich ever worked for the FBI. He said the same thing about the family’s connection to the Comey family.

The Project Veritas reporter confronted Dudich on his claims and asked how much is actually true. He admitted that Comey is not his godfather and decided to say it because “[I]t’s a good story.”

UPDATE: NYT responds

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