Woman Sexually Assaulted, As Security Guard Watches And Does Nothing [WATCH]

On Monday in Kansas City outside a shopping plaza at 31st & Prospect, a camera caught a disturbing sex assault. The assault was witnessed by victim’s family including a security guard who did nothing to help.

Rosie Morgan said, “I got the call about 11 last night. They said, ‘Did you see the f’n video?’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?”.

A video taken on Monday outside the shopping plaza was posted on Facebook. Rosie Morgan finally found the video with the help of her family.

She said, “That is disturbing.”

Rosie revealed that her daughter is addicted to drugs and the meet-up was actually to buy pills. The video shows that the argument between her daughter and the man has turned into an assault.

“What cruel person would do this to another person?” she said.

In the video, the security guard tries to pull them apart at first. The victim was able to run off but still catches by the man. As the man gropes the victim’s legs and pulled her up by the chest, the security officer just stands by and did nothing. A car stops to watch and doesn’t help. That security officer still doesn’t interfere even after the man exposes the victim’s genitals by ripping off her pants.

Morgan said,”He is as much guilty as the people that did that to her because he didn’t get no help. He didn’t do nothing.”

The man taking the video about the incident makes no effort to help or report the incident to the police. He can be heard laughing while saying, “He’s trying to put her in the car.”

The victim’s father, Michiel Morgan said, “I mean, I’m quite sure you got a sister or an auntie. You wouldn’t want your mother to get done like that but you stood around and laughed. There’s nothing funny about being humiliated in public in the mid-day.”

According to FOX 4 report, other officers who work for the company said that the security officer totally broke protocol. In these situations, they’re supposed to step in, try to detain the suspect, and then call the police. But the building owner said, based on what he saw in the video, it calls into question his contract with Watch Eagle.

Morgans family are hoping that the video will lead to the arrest of the offender who assaulted their daughter. They also look forward about the guard being fired from his work.

“They should be served justice. That was wrong,” said Rosie Morgan.

A police report was filed by the family but the victim is not cooperating with the investigators. There is no confirmation from Watch Eagle if they have fired the security officer involved in the incident.

Article Sources: Crimewatchdaily/Facebook, FOX 4 and  Crimewatchdaily Photo Credit:  FOX 4 

Video Credit: FOX 4 


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