World’s Oldest Person Dies At 117. Before Passing She Offered Simple Advice To A Long Life

Emma Morano was born in Italy on November 29, 1899, has passed away recently. It was also recorded that she was the last person born in the 1800s.

She said that her aging secret is genetic, but she has an interesting diet regimen. She ate 3 eggs daily and 2 of those eggs are raw. After World War One she was diagnosed with anemia, so she decided to create this diet routine. She seldom eats fruits or vegetable and love to have a meat-based diet.

Dr. Carlo Bava noted: “When I met her, she ate three eggs per day, two raw in the morning and then an omelet at noon, and chicken at dinner.”

On April 15, 2017, Morano died at the age of 117 at her home in Verbania, Italy. According to NBC News, Dr. Bava who has been Morano’s doctor for 27 years called the caretaker to notify of her death while sitting in an armchair in her apartment.

It was reported that Emma spend more time sleeping and less time talking, but still eat her daily dose of raw eggs. Bava said: “She didn’t suffer. I’m happy she didn’t suffer but passed away that way, tranquility, she was slowly fading away in recent weeks.”

Emma has married an abusive husband; however, after her baby died at 6 months she detached herself to her husband in 1983. According to her, their marriage was unhealthy.  She had no interest in marrying someone else after the boy she loves was killed during the World War.

Bava noted in 2015 interview: “Abandoned the husband in the Fascist era, when women were supposed to be very submissive. She was always very decisive.”

Before Wright brothers flew the first airplane Emma was already for years old. She also experiences how difficult to live during the two World Wars. Her first job was in a factory making jute bags and later work at a hotel. She decided to stop working when she was 75 years old. Her one-room apartment was her home for 20 years. Emma explained, “My life has not been very good. I worked until I was 65 years old.”

For remarkable living for 117 years, Emma was included in the record books as the fifth-longest life ever recorded.

Article Source: NBC News  Photo Credit: Nation Video Credit: Kxan/Youtube


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