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If You’re A White Person In Portland, You Can’t Sell Burritos Anymore

I’m old enough to remember when living in a racial and cultural melting pot was a good thing. Not anymore.

Michael Bartiromo, Fox News:

In other words, they did what cooks and chefs have done since the beginning of time. They learned how to make a dish from somebody else, and they started making it themselves. I always kind of figured that was how it worked. Right?

But of course, because these two women are white and they’re living in America in 2017, they get criticism like this:


That Facebook post was deleted within minutes after I posted this. Guess I culturally appropriated it! Fortunately, I took a screenshot just in case.

So these two young women shut down their business, in the hopes that everybody will stop shaming them for being “racist.”

For making burritos.

Are there any other foods that white people aren’t allowed to make anymore? Are white people even allowed to eat burritos now? Do they need to take a DNA test, and only eat food from the countries where their ancestors lived? Should that food only be prepared by people with the same genetic makeup? That would certainly prevent such awful “cultural appropriation.”

Segregation is back, and this time it ain’t white people’s idea.


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