Beauty Store Owner Transforms Into Pistol-Packin’ Mama [WATCH]

[WATCH] Beauty Store Owner Transforms Into Pistol-Packin' Mama

The store is called “1st Choice Virgin Hair Store,” and they don’t take things lying down!

She showed two female customers her collection of hair extensions. Then the two girls separated, with one of them asking questions, as a distraction, while the other tried to steal some of her goods.

The owner does not wish to be identified, but she was forthcoming about her actions when these women tried to steal from her:

Once I showed them the hair I put the hair behind me and the other girl I guess she wanted to distract me, so she asked me to come down to the other side of the store. While I was down there the other girl jumped over the counter to snatch the bundles of hair and I see her so I immediately ran, grabbed my gun, jumped over the counter, and the one who grabbed the hair she got away but her accomplice I stopped in progress. And I told her if she didn’t get down I would shoot her.

After the confrontation, the store owner maintained the 20-year-old accomplice, Ariel Goodwin, at gunpoint. Police soon arrived and arrested the girl.

Unfortunately, the other thief got away from the beauty store with $1,300 worth of hair extensions.

The store owner is making it known that she will not tolerate thieves, now, or ever.

“We’ve had it happen before and I had to do the same thing, hold people at gunpoint until police come.” She said she has never had to shoot anyone, but made clear she will not hesitate to pull a gun if her business is targeted again: “I’m here to protect myself and my customers, the ones here for the right purpose. But at the same time I work too hard to have people come and steal from me when all they have to do is go to work.”

If she had shot any of these thieves, do you believe she would have been prosecuted? Stealing is wrong, of course, though many business owners are afraid to use their weapons as they do not know what might befall them in court.

That having been said, this lady clearly is not afraid. Watch her actions below:

Do they allow hair extensions in jail? If so, the other girl should get ready, because I believe that the cops will soon be all over her.


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