Americans Who Were Fired and Replaced By Foreign Workers Just Got Some Great News

Over the past couple of years major companies have fired American workers and replaced them with cheap foreign labor. Major companies such as Disney have done it. Now a company that has been bypassing American workers and hiring foreigners have gotten some really bad news from a judge. The judge not only refused to toss the case but he also ruled that the plaintiffs can convert their suit into a class action one. The company,  Tata Consulting Services (TCS), is now being sued for bypassing American workers.

From Wikipedia

The program was intended to serve employers who could not find the skilled workers they needed in the United States. Most people believe that employers are supposed to recruit Americans before they petition for an H-1B worker. Yet, under the law, most employers are not required to prove to the Department of Labor that they tried to find an American to fill the job first. And, if there is an equally or even better qualified U.S. worker available, the company does not have to offer him or her the job. Over the years the program has become a government-assisted way for employers to bring in cheaper foreign labor, and now it appears these foreign workers take over – rather than complement – the U.S. workforce.

Brian Buchanan, one of the American workers suing TCS says he has thirty years experience Information Technology (IT) and he was let go by Southern California Edison, so they could replace him with cheap foreign labor.  Him and 399 other Americans.

From Breitbart

Breitbart News has previously spoken to American workers who were laid off from their jobs when their former companies contracted with TCS, which then outsourced their jobs to foreign workers in India and imported foriegn workers to replace them. These American workers say they were forced to train their foreign replacements before leaving their jobs.

The outsourcing industry of Americans’ jobs relies heavily on the H-1B visa, which imports more than 100,000 foreign workers every year to take American jobs. These foreign workers are allowed to stay for up to six years. As H-1B foreign workers continuously enter the U.S., Americans are often replaced from their jobs.

If the plaintiffs win a large dollar lawsuit against TCS, outsourcing companies won’t be so quick to help companies replace American workers. On the campaign trial Donald Trump railed against the H-1B program.

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