The Hottest Breast-Feeding Yoga Mom On The Face Of The Earth – 3%

The Hottest Breast-Feeding Yoga Mom On The Face Of The Earth

Her athleticism is amazing!

She practices yoga in Woodlands, Texas, but her superhuman moves and photographs have amazed people worldwide. She is the mother of three and started practicing yoga after the birth of her second child.  Her name is Carlee Benear and recently she spoke with Huffington Post:

This video was so far from what I intended on doing it’s amazing to watch. Truth be told, I actually fell instead of dropped into pinch. Then I decided with that leap of faith, and in catching myself, to try something new. The Divine dwells within you as you yourself, exactly the way you are. It isn’t interested in watching you enact some performance of personality in order to comply with some crackpot notion that you have about how a spiritual person looks or behaves. We all seem to get this idea that, in order to be sacred, we have to make some massive, dramatic changes of character , that we have to renounce our individuality. This is a classic example of what they call in the East “wrong thinking”. Everyday renunciants find something new to renounce, but it is usually depression, not peace, that they attain. What is your natural character? As Sextus, the ancient Pythagorean philosopher said,” The wise man is always similar to himself.” #eatpraylove #postpartumhealth #divineyourself #selflove #toetaptuesday CORK MAT AND BLOCK @ilovegurus LEGGINGS @urbanizzy TOP @zobha

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See more of Carlee’s amazing work at Instagram.

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