The Hottest Breast-Feeding Yoga Mom On The Face Of The Earth

The Hottest Breast-Feeding Yoga Mom On The Face Of The Earth

Her athleticism is amazing!

She practices yoga in Woodlands, Texas, but her superhuman moves and photographs have amazed people worldwide. She is the mother of three and started practicing yoga after the birth of her second child.  Her name is Carlee Benear and recently she spoke with Huffington Post:

“Being a stay-at-home mom, I needed some kind of release,” Benear told The Huffington Post. “Yoga was the best discovery for me and my family. My practice took off, I embarked with my children, on an incredible journey of self discovery.”

When she became pregnant with Maramaylee, the mom continued with her yoga routine and said she sensed a special connection with her unborn daughter. This bond continued after Maramaylee’s birth.

“Once she was born we were inseparable as well,” Benear said. “After a few weeks of staring at her every move, I felt the urge to get back on my mat and step back into my practice with this fresh new joy surrounding me.”

“Once we started feeding and flowing, a spark ignited,” she added. “Having her there with me flowing off of my energy helped me stay relaxed through the struggles of early breastfeeding. Some people relax by sitting in a chair or on a couch, I find my zen within my body.”

Carlee’s images and videos are incredible. Take a look:

My promise to you ,dear children, is this. I will always lift you up even if my world may be upside down. Just as hard times pass, good times do too. And I am forever committed to you. To teach you , to nourish you , to watch you grow. The limits of my love you will never know. The will to be better for you every day will never stop, diminish or fade away. You are my rocks,now my purpose in life and your mama will stand strong with you through whatever plight. I will not be bias in my opinions or ways , but don’t think for a second I won’t show you how the universe sways. Center your light and you can do it all. Don’t stress ,my baby, mama will be here when you fall. I’ll watch you grow into unique beings. My heart, my love is what you’ll be seeing. You’ll change the lives of everyone you meet, don’t take that for granted or that’s how you will be beat. Everyone too, will gift something to you. Do good unto others and act like you never knew. You have all the power imaginable and it’s all up to you to see what the universe has in store for you. I will guide you and love you , I’ll do all I can do to show you the power that love has within you. #nursingthoughts #divineyourself #postpartumhealth #selflove. CORK MAT @ilovegurus LEGGINGS @lularoebridgetpugh NURSING TANK @bravadodesigns

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This video was so far from what I intended on doing it’s amazing to watch. Truth be told, I actually fell instead of dropped into pinch. Then I decided with that leap of faith, and in catching myself, to try something new. The Divine dwells within you as you yourself, exactly the way you are. It isn’t interested in watching you enact some performance of personality in order to comply with some crackpot notion that you have about how a spiritual person looks or behaves. We all seem to get this idea that, in order to be sacred, we have to make some massive, dramatic changes of character , that we have to renounce our individuality. This is a classic example of what they call in the East “wrong thinking”. Everyday renunciants find something new to renounce, but it is usually depression, not peace, that they attain. What is your natural character? As Sextus, the ancient Pythagorean philosopher said,” The wise man is always similar to himself.” #eatpraylove #postpartumhealth #divineyourself #selflove #toetaptuesday CORK MAT AND BLOCK @ilovegurus LEGGINGS @urbanizzy TOP @zobha

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See more of Carlee’s amazing work at Instagram.

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