WaPo Accusations of Bias No Longer a Fringe Movement

The Washington Post published a story in their fake newspaper that says that the fringe is not the only ones subscribing to the “theory” that the FBI is prejudiced against Trump. Just because Mueller, all of his lawyers and his investigators are anti-Trump doesn’t mean they are biased. Then what the hell does it mean? Are you saying that 99.4% of Mueller’s team is giving the rest of them a bad name?  What does it mean when a Mueller investigator, a Mueller lawyer meet in the office of the Deputy Director of the FBI to discuss how to deny Donald Trump the presidency? It means there are people up to no good. The same Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe who had nearly half a million funneled through the Clinton bagman, Terry McAuliffe for her run for Congress.

From the WaPo via Breitbart

“Until recently, it has been a lonely battle,” said Tom Fitton, whose conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has helped drive the charges by unearthing internal Justice Department documents. “Our concerns about Mueller are beginning to take hold.”

Fitton’s Judicial Watch group, too, has a long history of investigating the Clintons, having filed numerous lawsuits against the administration of President Bill Clinton. During the 2016 campaign, the organization obtained thousands of emails written by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state.

This year, Judicial Watch has helped stoke the attacks against the Mueller probe with material it obtained through lawsuits and Freedom of Information Act requests. The nonprofit group, which has a $35 million budget and 50 employees, does not release the names of its approximately 500,000 donors, Fitton said.

Fitton has frequently gone on Fox News, conservative websites and Twitter to report his findings. On Dec. 2, after Fitton tweeted that Trump “needs to clean house at FBI/DOJ,” Trump retweeted another user’s summary of Fitton’s statement.

The evidence is mounting and congress is now investigating the apparent bias in which the witch hunt is being run. The FBI has been investigating Trump for 17 months now without getting a single scrap of evidence of collusion and sooner or later, they either have to admit it or trump up some charges. My vote goes to Mueller trumping up charges.

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